Each year we give thanks for all the blessings we have received. From the roof over our head, to the new

promotion at work, we look inward and reflect on what we are truly thankful for when we sit down at

Thanksgiving dinner.

When you are planning this year’s Thanksgiving meal, consider adding an extra plate and chair to your

table. As a company that actively supports our military men and women, we ask that you consider

adopting a service member to join you and your family for dinner this holiday.

Many servicemen and women are unable to make it home for the holidays, including those already on

American soil that have duties that require them to stay close to base. In 2009, the San Antonio, TX area

alone hosted 4,295 soldiers that could not make it home for the holiday. These are the men and women

we ask you to share your home with and personally thank for the services with a homecooked holiday


Imagine being able to look across the table and personally thank a man or woman that had a hand in

making your country a little bit safer, who defended it when your country was put in danger…

At any time during your holiday dinner, snap a picture of you and your family with your service member.

Post your picture on Shaveology’s facebook page. We will be sharing the images you post to showcase

all the men and women who so graciously shared their home with a service member this Thanksgiving.

We have resources to connect with you with service members from the United States Marines, Navy

and Airforce. Our resources allow anyone from the East coast Valley, San Antonio Metropolitan area,

residents around Wilmington, NC; and Great Lakes area residents. If you not see your location listed, do

a quick search for military bases in your area.

For those who do not live near a military base, you could participate by supporting or volunteering

Operation Homefront’s Holiday Meals for Military program, which supplies holiday meals to military

families. Just take a picture of your donation or a picture of you volunteering and post to Shaveology’s

facebook page.

If you would like to house a soldier, but this Thanksgiving is not convenient, Marine Corps Community

Services Miramar (MCAS) is accepting applicants from around San Diego, CA to host Christmas dinner for

a local marine.