A great shave needs more than a great razor; it starts before the razor even touches the skin, and continues after the last hair has been removed. I am talking about your shave lather and after-shave balm. Both of these products have been designed to have a positive impact on the health of your skin, but Shaveology’s products go a step further. Infused with golden seaweed, our Rich Shave Lather and Anti-Aging After-Shave keep the hair and years off your skin and more…


The benefits of seaweed in skincare have long been recognized for the plants ability to fight acne, detoxify skin, and boost thyroid function. However, the extra-moisturizing and anti-aging properties of golden seaweed, Laminaria Ochroleuca or brown seaweed, are unique and have been studied by scientists. For these reasons, golden seaweed is a primary ingredient in our Rich Shave Lather and Anti-Aging After-Shave.


There is no question that the average aerosol can of shaving cream you get from the store does not compare to the benefits of shave lather and will dry out your skin. Most people remark that canned shaving cream is more convenient, and it is. But our shave lather is easy to activate and adds less than 90 seconds to your shaving routine. It will return moisture and detoxify your skin, protect you against nicks and cuts, and keep your skin looking young and healthy for years to come.


After-shave balm provides more for you than just a cool, tingly feeling after you get done shaving. Daily shavers typically know what I am talking about. But if you are a scruffier fellow that likes to go a few days between each shave, then you might consider after-shave balm to be an unnecessary, added expense. Don’t. This is where the acne-fighting properties of seaweed play a big role and prevent pimples before they form. Shaving opens your pores and makes your face vulnerable to bacteria. After-shave balm protects your pores and closes them up to prevent bacteria from getting in after you shave.


Have a wife or daughter that is complaining about irritated bumps running up and down her legs from shaving? Women can also benefit from switching to after-shave balm over their standard moisturizer. Actually, women can benefit from trading in any of their standard shaving equipment for any and all Shaveology products.


Once again, because our lather and after-shave balm are formulated with golden seaweed, the anti-aging properties only add to the protection our shaving products provide.