Shaveology has joined R. Riveter in their mission to inspire, engage, and empower military families. How are Shaveology and R. Riveter bound together? Shaveology, a traditional wet shaving product line, and R. Riveter, a handbag manufacturer, both support Military families. Both companies were built around a passion to help United States Army Veterans and their families.


Until now, Shaveology’s products were only available online. Customers can now skip the wait on shipping times and pick up products directly from the R. Riveter stores. Shaveology prides itself on its handcrafted and expertly engineered razors that have a modern take on a classic design. They produce specially formulated men’s shaving products while paying homage to the double-edged safety razors that stress quality and affordability.


The heart of Shaveology’s work revolves around raising awareness, support, and money for our United States Veterans. Shaveology proudly supports Soldiers’ Angels, a charitable organization that aids and comforts the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and their families. In addition to advocating Soldiers’ Angels, Shaveology supports the organization through donating a portion of the profit from each sale.


  1. Riveter’s business model surrounds itself around employing Military Spouses and supporting United States Military families. They produce high-quality, hand-made bags that provide portable, creative career opportunities to military spouses and women from all walks of life. This mission allows military families to earn a living while they are stationed anywhere around the world.


  1. Riveter was recently featured on Shark Tank, creating many of their handbags made from upcycled military equipment. These reclaimed materials consist of old uniforms, tents, wool blankets, and other fabrics where portions of the handbag’s construction are then outsourced to military spouses. Upon completion, they are sent to a central location for final assembly. Not only does this provide employment to military spouses, but also allows spouses to maintain a consistent income source while moving from base to base, stationed anywhere across the country.


Because the average military family moves every 2.9 years, spouses routinely have to restart careers from scratch. R. Riveter’s business model is also a great work-from-home opportunity for military families with small children.


Naturally, these companies had an affinity towards each other’s work. The addition of combined storefronts allows these two companies to further spread their products and mission to provide support to military families.


Visit either R. Riveter storefront to support our military and purchase some great products.

Westfield Montgomery Mall: 7101 Democracy Blvd, Space #2420

Bethesda, MD




The Flagship Southern Pines Store: 177 W. Pennsylvania Avenue

Southern Pines, North Carolina


You can also support their cause and purchase products online at: and