We hate to say it but, yes, our first blog is about why you should buy our product. However, I don’t think that this blog is going to play out the way you imagine it will.

Of course we think our product is the best wet shave line, period, and others agree. However, we have a higher purpose as well. As a company, we feel that giving back to those that gave to us and social awareness is extremely important. We like to call it Capitalism with a conscious, and we whole heartedly believe that we are privileged enough to do what we love so we should help others along the way.

So how do we give back?

We have partnered with an amazing organization called, Soldier’s Angels, and a portion of our sales go directly to support their mission. Here are the main reasons that we have chosen them as a partner:

-The largest volunteer network of any charity of its kind in the country

-Provided over $100M in aid to military and veteran families

-Maintains an efficiency rating of 97%, which is above that of the average nonprofit     organization

-Fully Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

-Named as one of the top rated charities in America in 2014, 2015, & 2016 by Great Nonprofits

-Served over 7,600 veterans with luncheons/dinners at VA Medical Centers in 2015

-Provided support to over 290,000 service members, veterans and family members in 2015

-Provided over 61,000 items to veterans at VA Medical Facilities in 2014-2015

-Sent over 800,000 care packages to combat deployed service members over the last 13 years

This one reason alone should answer, ‘Why Shaveology?’… Yes we have amazing products, but we also have amazing purpose!

Keep your eyes open for another partnership with R.Riveter, another company that supports our military families.

To find out how you can support Soldier’s Angels and to purchase the tools to give you the best shave of your life, visit our website at www.goshaveology.com.